Adolescent Treatment

Pardo Orthodontics is proud to provide individualized orthodontic care to patients of all ages living in the Ashland, MA area. We get great enjoyment from watching our patients obtain the healthy, straight and attractive smiles they deserve. We love what we do and we're confident that it shows as we strive to provide our patients with the best possible care and service! Whether you need an orthodontist in Ashland MA for your child or are wondering if you're a good candidate for clear aligners, we can meet all your family's orthodontic needs.

Ashland Orthodontic Treatment for Teens

It's very common to see teenagers wearing orthodontic appliances on their teeth. Adolescents go through many changes at this time of their life, which includes growing in stature, developing individual tastes concerning fashion and music and having an increased degree of self-awareness. There are also changes taking place concerning the development of teeth as the adult teeth are coming in and the jaw is growing.

By far, it's easier to treat many orthodontic problems during the teenage years because the patient is still growing during this stage of life. By waiting until adulthood, many orthodontic problems simply become more difficult to treat and more costly as well.

Once most of the permanent teeth have come in, an orthodontist can correct problems like a bad bite or malocclusion, spaces between teeth or teeth, which are out of alignment. Sometimes special appliances are used like palatal expanders to both improve the appearance and function of teeth in a short period of time. Waiting until later in life when the facial and jaw bones are fully developed can make many orthodontic conditions more difficult and costly to treat.

What to Expect When Being Seen by Our Ashland, MA Orthodontist

At your first visit with us, we will provide you with a thorough examination of your face, teeth and jaws. We may also take photos and X-rays of your mouth and make a model of your bite. These diagnostic tools help Dr. Pardo plan your treatment if we determine that you could benefit from treatment and you agree. We will then have a discussion with you to talk about your potential treatment options.

Having your teeth straightened while you're a teenager is something many youngsters do. If you're a teen, you probably have friends and classmates undergoing orthodontic treatment. There may even be people you know who are in treatment without you realizing it because they're wearing clear aligners which are nearly invisible.

Some of the orthodontic appliances we use to straighten teeth include:

Metal Braces – Most people are familiar with metal braces as these are the most common type. Today's modern metal braces are smaller, more comfortable and more attractive than the metal braces used in the past. Patients wearing metal braces can often put their own personal touch on the braces by choosing different colors of the elastic ties on the brackets.

Invisalign Clear Aligners – Invisalign Teen consists of a series of clear, removable aligners that are custom-made just for you. These aligners should be worn 22 hours each day. You can take them out when eating and drinking and when brushing & flossing your teeth. There are special “compliance indicators” built into the aligners to ensure that you're wearing them as directed. Teenagers love wearing Invisalign Teen as this treatment option fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. There are no food restrictions, no problems cleaning the teeth and fewer orthodontic appointments to keep as there are no wires to adjust with clear aligners.

To learn more about Invisalign clear aligners, please visit our Invisalign Teen page. If you would like to find out if you're a good candidate for Invisalign Teen, please schedule an appointment with our Ashland MA orthodontist for an evaluation.

Other Orthodontic Appliances – Sometimes we use other orthodontic appliances when significant tooth or jaw movement is necessary. These appliances can range from small devices that fit inside the mouth to headgear worn externally. If it is deemed necessary for you to use such an appliance, there is no reason to worry as you will quickly get used to it. Plus, you will only need to use this type of appliance on a temporary basis to achieve the desired result.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Because every patient is different, there is no set time for how long orthodontic treatment takes. Generally speaking however, treatment tends to last between 18 and 30 months. Once you are done with orthodontic treatment, you can enjoy your beautiful straight smile for the rest of your life, making the process all worth it in the end!

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Many of the patients we see at our practice are teenagers who are improving their smiles with braces or clear aligners. If you're a teen or a parent of a teenager who wants to find out more about adolescent treatment, please contact us today as we're always happy to speak with you! If you're ready to see our orthodontist for an evaluation, please complete the Appointment Request form. One of our team members will then contact you to schedule your first visit with us.