Our Ashland family orthodontist, Dr. Diana Pardo, and her staff are proud to offer comprehensive, individualized orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages living in Ashland, Hopkinton, Holliston, Framingham and Southborough MA. Whether you need an orthodontist near Framingham for your child or are looking for an Invisalign provider in Ashland for yourself, we welcome you to our practice!

Do I Need Invisalign?

This is a question Dr. Pardo often hears from members of the community. That's really no surprise as Invisalign clear aligners are very popular for many reasons. Invisalign consists of a series of removable, clear, custom-made aligners that gradually shift teeth into the optimal position. As an Invisalign patient, you will wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks. You will then move on to the next set of aligners in the series and so on until your treatment is complete.

If the idea of wearing conventional metal braces does not appeal to you, Invisalign may be the ideal treatment option for you. At your first appointment with us, Dr. Pardo will evaluate you to determine if you could benefit from orthodontic treatment. After your exam and evaluation, she will discuss Invisalign with you if she considers you a good candidate for this treatment option.

A Convenient & Comfortable Treatment Option

One reason why Invisalign is such a popular treatment option is because the aligners are removable and designed to be taken out when eating and drinking. This means you do not have any food restrictions to concern yourself with for the entire time you're in treatment. And, because the aligners can be removed, you simply take them out when brushing & flossing your teeth and then just put them back in when done. This helps ensure you can maintain good oral hygiene while in treatment which is something that's more difficult to do when you're wearing conventional braces that are bonded to the teeth.

The aligners used with Invisalign are made of a smooth plastic material. This results in far less irritation to the inside of your cheeks and lips. When traditional metal braces are worn, patients often complain about discomfort from the braces coming into contact with the inside of their cheeks and lips.

The clear aligners used with this innovative and very popular treatment option are virtually invisible, hence the name 'Invisalign'. Most people won't even realize that you're improving your smile because the aligners blend in perfectly with your teeth. Without question, you'll have plenty to smile about as an Invisalign patient!

Contact Us Today

If you're interested in finding out if Invisalign is right for you, please schedule an appointment with your Ashland orthodontist today. Dr. Pardo will provide you with a thorough exam followed by a discussion of her findings and your treatment options, which may include Invisalign. We look forward to seeing you soon! We're always available to speak with you so don't hesitate to contact us via phone at (508) 881-4107 during regular office hours if you have any questions or concerns.